Frequently Asked Questions

What is your core competency?
    • Optimal system definition and development for time to market, performance and cost effective manufacturing.
    • Expertise is sensor, wireless, low power processing and advanced algorithms.
What products or services do you offer?
    • Products: “Platform” modules that can be integrated as complete systems in end products or easily modified to customer specs.
    • Services: Product & solution definition, development, design and manufacturing.
What do you mean by “Platform”?
    • Our platforms consist of hardware boards, firmware, evaluation tools, and example application software.
    • They are designed for volume manufacturing (if purchased “as is complete systems”) as well as for flexibility to allow rapid customization to customers’ specs. 
What makes Sensoplex different from typical design engineering and product development companies?
    • We have deep domain experience in sensors, algorithms and power management.
    • Our custom designs are derived from proven manufacturable platforms.
    • Because of the above points, we can customize highly innovative products in typically half the time of other product development companies.
What are the steps for developing a wearable product?
    • Marketing product description.
    • Technical product development document.
    • Electronics hardware and firmware.
    • Algorithms (to turn the sensors’ raw data into usable information.
    • Enclosure design.
    • Production tooling for board, testing, enclosure, etc.
    • Product certification (such as FCC).
What elements and building blocks can I get from Sensoplex?

Sensoplex offers two approaches:

  1. Electronics only: we develop to your specs all the hardware, firmware, algorithms and we supply you with fully tested production boards.
  2. Turnkey: in addition to the above, we select 3rd party suppliers for the development and production of all necessary elements and services and deliver you the complete product.
What if I need more or less features/sensors/capabilities than one of your modules provides?

We rapidly and economically customize our platforms to your exact specs.

Can you develop turnkey custom products?


Can you take care of production for us and supply complete products?


Do you have your own manufacturing?

No, we work with trusted contract manufacturing partners in California and in Asia to deliver high quality products at competitive prices.

Do you provide industrial design, mechanical engineering and Application software development services?

We can provide these services through our proven 3rd party partners.

What about IP protection?

We recommend always putting in place “non-disclosure agreements” and working with trustworthy and ethical partners.

Do I save time creating my initial prototypes using Arduino?

On the contrary. Arduino and Raspberry Pi are great platforms for hobbyists, but turning a prototype based on either into a production product requires a completely new architecture and redesign.

Can you help me develop products that are not related to sports, wellness or clinical trials?

We would need to discuss in more detail to determine if and how we can help you.

How quickly can you develop my prototype?

Typically within 2 to 4 months.

How long from a working prototype to production?

Typically about 2 to 4 months to a manufacturing ready design and another 4 months for production tooling and for certification.

More questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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