Clinical Trial Case Study

Sensoplex was contacted in early 2015 by a major Pharma company (“LargeBiotechCo” or LBC) with a request to measure, with very high precision, certain aspects of the gait and walking patterns of patients.  

LBC initially purchased a standard evaluation kit Sensoplex and after testing decided that a much higher degree of accuracy was required. They asked whether their requirement was achievable.  After a rapid 3-week feasibility study, Sensoplex shared the results with the customer, concluding that after further development they could achieve a precision better than the requirements.  

As a result, LBC engaged Sensoplex for a phase 1 development to develop a set of sophisticated motion analysis algorithms as well as a wearable hardware prototype.

This phase was followed by a study of about 30 people with different age, gender, health and ethnicity characteristics.  The results were analyzed and when found satisfactory and this triggered a subsequent phase to develop a production quality wearable, with applications running on smart phones as well as on Windows for the user interface and analysis of the data.  The entire project took about 10 months. The world’s most accurate motion sensing platform was born.

Neurological Studies

Sensoplex is well equipped to execute similar projects, such as for epilepsy or other neurological studies. The client company can define the parameters needed to measure and analyze and, together with Sensoplex, define the appropriate wearable device, algorithms, UI and other aspects of the project.  With its strong background and IP in precision motion and biometric data collection and analysis, Sensoplex is ideally positioned to leverage its existing high-performance platforms to develop and supply customized application devices. All collected data remains under the control of the client company, whether stored in the device itself or sent directly to the company’s cloud database.