FCC and CE certified 10-axis motion-sensing module enables fastest time to market for innovative wearable devices and is now available to OEM customers for production.
Redwood City — April 29th, 2014 — Today, Sensoplex announces completion of FCC and CE certification of the SP-10C 10-axis motion-sensing module.
“The SP-10C enables customers to take their vision from concept to market in record time. In addition, by using our module as a development platform, customers can take advantage of Sensoplex’s economies of scale for lowered manufacturing costs” said Hamid Farzaneh, CEO at Sensoplex.
Best-in-class sensors
The SP-10C module incorporates best-in-class hardware and software including 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer sensors from InvenSense, as well as pressure and temperature sensors from Bosch Sensortec.
32 MB flash memory and Serial Peripheral Interface bus
Following prior success of the SP-10BN, Sensoplex has responded to customers’ requests for increased onboard flash memory. With the introduction of the SP-10C, the module now offers 32 MByte of flash memory, which enables greater storage capacity for streamed data. The benefit is that faster real-time computing of sensed motions, pressure, temperature, and other inputs can be achieved, leading to enhanced performance in the OEM’s product and increased end-user satisfaction.
Also new to this version is the inclusion of Serial Peripheral Interface bus (SPI), which replaces the Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) bus. With the current implementation, higher data throughput with lowered power consumption can be achieved, again making for faster systems, and a better user experience.
Positive customer impact
The SP-10C offers full backward software and dimensional compatibility with the SP-10BN. OEM customers can easily transition to the newer module in order offer more capable products or to address new applications in many diverse areas such as: sports and fitness, medical devices, health monitoring, military, emergency first responders, and industrial.
By embedding the SP-10C into a wireless personal system, a customer can use the module as a platform for further development, thus reducing cost and precious time-to-market, enabling the customer to hit crucial market launch windows.
SP-10C availability
The FCC/CE certified SP-10C is immediately available for customers to order.
Founded in 2012, Sensoplex is a product accelerator and enabler for OEM companies focused on wireless wearable and internet-of-things applications. The company offers a range of low power sensing platforms, that can be easily and rapidly customized to customers’ specifications to help productize ideas quickly and at the lowest cost.
About Sensoplex

Sensoplex is a Silicon Valley company that provides expert professional services for the definition, development and production of sensing, computing and wireless wearables.

Our vision is to empower highly competent and passionate people to bring to market innovative wearable products in record time.

Our evaluation and development kits enable customers to rapidly test their ideas and applications in their market.

Our proven flexible platforms can be rapidly customized and help reduce products time-to-market by as much 50%.

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